Cake v2.2.0 released

Highlights of this release

  • Opt-in script caching
  • New aliases for using dotnet workload search
  • Fixes in UNC and relative path collapsing
  • Improved handling of .NET runtime reference assemblies

Script caching

The new opt-in script compilation cache is probably the most anticipated feature in this release, it enables significantly faster subsequent executions of unchanged scripts.


This release was made possible thanks to the Cake team and the contribution of these awesome members of the Cake community listed below:


As part of this release we had 19 issues closed.

  • #3821 PostAction is not setable on DotNetSettings.
  • #3485 Add alias for dotnet workload search command.
  • #2099 Cache compiled script on disk.
  • #3866 Update Microsoft.NETCore.Platforms to 6.0.3.
  • #3854 Update Spectre.Console to 0.44.0.
  • #3851 Update System.Reflection.Metadata to 6.0.1.
  • #3846 Update Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.CSharp.Scripting to 4.1.0.
  • #3844 Update Microsoft.NETCore.Platforms to 6.0.2.
  • #3843 Update NuGet.* to 6.1.0.
  • #2763 Provide property to return parent directory on DirectoryPath.
  • #2431 UploadFile should support option of username/password.
  • #3859 PathCollapser.Collapse breaks UNC paths.
  • #3858 PathCollapser.Collapse shows wrong output for if .. is the second segment in the path.
  • #3823 Executing a cake script leads to System.IO.FileNotFoundException for several System.(…) assemblies.
  • #3735 Incorrect warnings in diagnostic logs.



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