Cake v1.3.0 released

Highlights of this release

  • Support for .NET 6 (tested with the latest as of date: 6.0.100-rc.1.21463.6)
  • Support for Visual Studio 2022, MSBuild version 17, and custom MSBuild versions
  • Ability to “break the build” whilst setting the exit code of the build process
  • New EnsureDirectoryDoesNotExist method which, as the name implies, deletes all contents of a directory if it exists
  • New properties added to DotNetCoreMSBuildSettings, including InformationalVersion, PackageVersion, PackageReleaseNotes, and more...
  • .NET SDK Roll Forward Policy can now be defined via DotNetCoreSettings.RollForward
  • Cake NuGet packages now include a README with general information and useful links. See as an example
  • Updated Spectre.Console to v0.42.0 (latest as of this writing)


This release was made possible thanks to the contribution of these awesome members of the Cake community along with Cake team:


As part of this release we had 28 issues closed.

  • #3469 Add support for .NET 6.
  • #3503 Add NuGet Sources argument to DotNetCoreTestSettings.
  • #3502 Add NuGet Sources argument to DotNetCoreRunSettings.
  • #3501 Add NuGet Sources argument to DotNetCorePackSettings.
  • #3464 Add support for Visual Studio 2022 / MSBuild version 17.
  • #3452 Missing option in InspectCodeSettings: --build and --no-build flags.
  • #3449 Add Version, AssemblyVersion, FileVersion, and AssemblyInformationalVersion …
  • #3447 Add ContinuousIntegrationBuild to DotNetCoreMSBuildSettings.
  • #3445 Highlight failed tasks on summary when Error handler is defined.
  • #3237 Allow setting MSBuildToolVersion using custom string — Part 1.
  • #3065 Add DOTNET_ROLL_FORWARD setting to DotNetCoreSettings.
  • #2165 DotNetCore Build misses Sources settings.
  • #2104 Make possibility to set Process Exit Code.
  • #1882 DeleteDirectory throws exception if directory doesn’t exist.
  • #3519 Update Spectre.Console to 0.42.0.
  • #3521 Update Microsoft.NETCore.Platforms to 6.0.0-rc.1.21451.13.
  • #3493 .NET CLI Build Binary log filenames aren’t quoted correctly.
  • #3477 Parsing of solution files with absolute paths to projects throws exception.
  • #3455 NuGet Resolver native dependencies fails on latest macOS.
  • #3352 Cake Frosting Parent DirectoryPath Fails To Combine with Slash.
  • #3291 Unable to retrieve target argument with Frosting.
  • #2048 DotNetCoreToolSettings.WorkingDirectory is not respected when running DotNetCoreTool.
  • #3515 Add a simple README to the packages to be shown on
  • #3466 Fix two typos in GitReleaseManagerAliases documentation.



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Cake Build

Cake Build

Cake (C# Make) is a build automation system