Cake v1.3.0 released

Version 1.3.0 of Cake has been released. Take it for a spin and give us feedback on our discussion board.

This release includes new features, improvements and bug fixes to both Cake Scripting and Cake Frosting, and is likely going to be our last release in the 1.x milestone as we’re now preparing for our next major release of Cake, version 2.0! 🚀 🍰

Highlights of this release

… and more! The full list of changes is listed below.


This release was made possible thanks to the contribution of these awesome members of the Cake community along with Cake team:

Full details of everything that is included in this release can be seen below.


As part of this release we had 28 issues closed.



Bug Fixes


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Cake (C# Make) is a build automation system