Version 1.2.0 of Cake has been released.

In this version, we’ve got a few new features and improvements, bug fixes and we’ve bumped several dependencies. Amongst the new features is the support for version ranges for addins, a few examples below

  • Include and exclude (between 2.5.0 and anything below 2.6.0)

Version 1.0.0 of Cake has been released.

This version is the 112th release of Cake, but just not any release — we’ve finally hit 1.0 🎉 In this blog post, we will go through some of the major new features of 1.0, …

Version 1.0.0-rc0002 of Cake has been released.

This is the second, and probably last, pre-release version of Cake 1.0. Focus in this release has been to bring Cake Frosting up to speed, align it with the Cake script runners and bug fixes.

Major new features

  • Frosting NuGet tool resolution
  • Align Cake Frosting CLI…

Version 1.0.0-rc0001 of Cake has been released

This version is the 110th release of Cake, but the first pre-release of Cake 1.0🎉 In this blog post, we will go through some of the major new features of 1.0, which platforms are supported, and how you can help to get Cake…

Version 0.38.3 of Cake has been released…in 0.38.4.

Because of a configuration error the hot fixes didn’t go into 0.38.3, we corrected this in 0.38.4.

In this version, we are releasing two bug fixes that were identified after shipping our 0.38.2 release. One is a fix for how braces are escaped in console messages and the other is ensuring valid dates in zip files.

Contributions were included from:

Full details of everything that was included in this release can be seen below.


As part of this release we had 3 issues closed.


  • #2803 ArgumentOutOfRangeException: The DateTimeOffset specified cannot be converted into a Zip file timestamp .
  • #2798 Input string not in correct format starting in v0.38.0.


  • #2799 Bump .NET Core SDK to 3.1.301.

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Cake (C# Make) is a build automation system

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